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Hi there!

thank you for joining me today, so those who have been following me for a while will know I haven’t been here much the past couple of months, my illness flared up and I was really struggling and had to take a break, but I am back and in full creative flow again. Please bear with me while I get posts back to the 7 days per week, I am trying to get some youtube tutorials done for you all aswell to be posted in June! I hope you are all well and are as EXCITED as I am for the new 2019 – 2020 Annual Catalogue that will be launching on June the 4th, let me tell you…. it is AMAAAAZING!!

If you are not currently working with another Demonstrator, and would love a copy of the new catalogue, just pop me an email/call/text/facebook message whatever mode of conversation best suits you and let me know your postal address so I can pop one out to you!

Take care!

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